Desislava Deneva

Desislava Deneva

Hello! I am the creator of Auratell and I want to share a story of creating this resource.

My name is Desislava Deneva, I have been a Key Relations Manager at Keen since 2018. My everyday routine consists of conversations with dozens of spiritual experts, who declare themselves as true experts. I regret saying that not everybody could really help people. There are a lot of pseudo-experts, who strive to fool everybody and provide spurious information. That’s why I have started my own resource!

I can’t stand when someone is trying to fool the interested people. My main aim is the protection of people who really need psychic readings. So I focused on providing the double-checked info and only relevant resources, which you can trust.

After completing a Master’s studies in management I started to work in the network of spiritual advisors. Over the years I gained in-depth knowledge of psychology, learned tactics of distinguishing liars, and continued my work with the focus on customer management of advisors for the platform. I am passionate about helping people reach the one who really can help. All my entire life I was working connecting people to solving their issues. I am a proven leader in building connections and networks.

You can familiarize yourself with my expertise in my personal social media accounts. I cannot fully disclose my personality, because I still work for Keen and I don’t want to be revealed.